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MOST COMPREHENSIVE, with Chapter-by-Chapter Synthesis

We completely put to rest the #1 frustration you feel when buying a summary book… that is, when you think you’re buying a summary book and what you get is a ridiculously condensed pamphlet that feels more like a sloppy class outline.

We understand the value of your time and money and it is one of our core tenets to completely dissect each chapter’s ideas and present them to you in a succinct, digestible and entertaining manner.


MOST ACTIONABLE, with Knowledge-to-Implementation Plans

At the end of each summary we provide a 30-Day Action Plan to help you implement the powerful ideas you just learned to your life.

When we encounter a deep realization in our reading, an instant, euphoric, and neuron-firing feeling overwhelms us. However, by the time we get to the end of the book, we either don’t know how to implement the insight or we have forgotten it altogether.

Our action plans eliminates this problem by giving you a guide to implement the greatest insights right away, crystalizing your realizations into habits.



Our diligence is unmatched with our careful screening process of our writers and editors, and our multi-checkpoint quality review for each of our summary books.

Our writers and editors are all native English speakers and we strictly prohibit the outsourcing of our writing content to any English-as-a-Second-Language country. While outsourcing is a common industry practice, we refuse to follow suit due to the overwhelming unprofessionalism in the market. The result is unmatched professional summaries.

Real Growth Stories

The following are customers who enjoyed our summary books and decided to share their stories with us!


William Kang

San Antonio, TX | Medical Student

Avg. Grind = 78 Hours / Wk

Summary: Principles, Ray Dalio

“… between full-time clinical rotations, classroom didactics, and studying for exams, third year of med school requires a high level of time management skills…the summary was a great exposure to the hefty book and I still feel a sense of completion. Keep the summaries coming!”


David Filstein

New York, NY | Investment Banker

Avg. Grind = 80 Hours / Wk

Summary: 12 Rules for Life, JB Peterson

“…before I was very hesitant in reading full books, especially with the workload I have and I would sometimes spend more time debating between which book to read than actually reading…in economics terms, the opportunity cost was just too high to choose a shitty book. Your summaries eliminate that cost and give a rich preview of what to expect…After reading the summary for 12 Rules, I bought the book and loved it! I applied some of the rules and I’ve gotten a bit of feedback that I appear more confident and speak with more precision!… I wanted to thank you guys for what you do!”


Michael Guete

Miami, FL | Small Business Owner

Avg. Grind = 60 Hours / Wk

Summary: Crushing It!, Gary Vee

“…the book summary was perfect! It gave me all of Gary’s advice in one sitting - I read the whole book in less than two hours… literally while I waited for my next client. The action plan at the end was great too and I started taking Instagram a lot more seriously after. It’s now been two months and have gained 2K new followers and am booked all the time! Keep up the good work guys.”

Amazon Verified Reviews

“This book was awesome. To the point like Gary V., but with thorough explanations that even mid 40's entrepreneurs like myself can keep up with and understand.”

Shelley Chavez
SM: Crushing It!Verified Purchase

“I'm the middle of law school and a professor recommended Principles to me so I bought this summary to get a quick understanding and I loved it! I obviously recommend.”

Vicente C.
SM: PrinciplesVerified Purchase

“Super fast and easy to read but at the same time had a lot of wisdom! I'll be on the lookout for more summaries from this company.”

Myriam Correal
SM: 12 Rules for LifeVerified Purchase

“In the finance industry Dalio is seen as a god..however, working in the industry does not give me too much free time... I listened to his audiobook on my commute and I've used this summary to tie it all together.”

Rampad C.
SM: PrinciplesVerified Purchase

“It is spectacular summary of a great book. This study of human history changed my point of view…and allows me to better understand future changes in our society.”

Augusto Perez-Reyes
SM: SapiensVerified Purchase

“The summary was direct and to the point but also went to great lengths to make sure I understood and implemented the rules to my life...Can't wait to read the full book now to gain even more insights.”

Richard T.
SM: 12 Rules for LifeVerified Purchase

Our Story


The idea of ExecutiveGrowth started on Wall Street. Our founder, Carlos Daniel García, could not get his hands on enough business and self-development books — biographies of industry icons, entrepreneur field guides, management classics, start-up playbooks, leadership training, emotional mastery guides, and even spiritual development handbooks, were all fair play. Work, however, was unpredictable and demanding. A 75 hour work-week was considered a good GREAT week.

Life as an Investment Banking analyst made it impossible to finish books within a reasonable timeframe. There was one book, Richard Branson's Losing My Virginity, that took Carlos almost an entire year to complete! There had to be a more effective way to get the crucial insights from these business books and put them to work. He asked his close friends and many had the same frustration. So, he began looking into summary books. . . what he found was nowhere near what he envisioned.

Instead of clear and cohesive writing, he found poorly written critiques and summary books that caused more confusion than clarification. Then, he found that summary Apps were not only overly general and lacked the rich detail necessary to grasp the full book's wisdom, but also left out any advice on how to actually implement the takeaways.

And you know the story. . .

As with any individual facing a big enough frustration, Carlos did something about it and gathered a world-class team. Shortly after, ExecutiveGrowth Summaries was born!


For Greater Performance.

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